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Myths of Film Investing

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Contributed By Glen Berry

  1. Strangers in the Night
  2. The Massive Rolodex
  3. No Free Lunch
  4. Patron of the Arts

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  • You will never sit down in a meeting with a stranger and have them write you a check for your movie.
  • The quality of your relationships is far more important than the number of relationships.
  • No one is ever going to hand you money for your movie and walk away. They are going to want something in exchange.
  • If you are not offering a return on investment, you are not seeking an investor. You are looking for a Patron of the Arts.
Myths of Film Investing
Four commonly held myths about film investing, dispelled.
The Two Types of Film Investors
A discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of the sophisticated and unsophisticated film investor.
Motives of Film Investors
The psychology of the independent film investor and examples of individual motivations.
Finding an Investor
A detailed discussion of who will participate in your film and how to find them.