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The Cost of Production Value

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Contributed By Glen Berry

  1. Ambition is the Key to Great Production Value
  2. Throw off Mental Constraints
  3. Everything is Within Reach

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  • Your mental attitude must be "How can we do the impossible?" and not "What can we do with our limited budget?".
  • Many producers harm themselves and their productions by not even putting forth the effort in the first place. Mental shackles prevent them from even trying. You won't accomplish anything amazing if you can't imagine it in the first place.
  • Many things in life can be had if you just have the audacity to go after them. A good producer attempts things that other people think are insane. Do your research and find out what the real costs are - it's usually less than you think.
Why Production Value Matters
A description of the importance of production value and why it matters to the independent producer.
Production Value Defined
A detailed definition of the term, Production Value, with examples and a clip.
Production Value Defined
A detailed definition of the term "production value".
The Cost of Production Value
Examples of actual costs of bringing production value to a shoot and an examination of the mindset of the producer in regard to ambition and motivation.
Put Money on the Screen
A discussion of common pitfalls for producers when making decisions about where to allocate funding, as well as where that money should be spent instead.