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The Elevator Pitch

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Contributed By Glen Berry

  1. Have more than one pitch.
  2. Welcome Rejection.
  3. Pitch to Everyone, All the Time.
  4. Keep it Short.

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  • You are wasting your time in a pitch meeting if you do not have more than one project to pitch.
  • Your pitch is not going to be good the first dozen times you try it out. Go out there and pitch and use the rejection to make it better.
  • Don't hold back, try to enthrall everyone you can with your amazing idea. Writers mope around and think. Producers pitch, test your concepts out on everyone.
  • You have seconds to hook your audience. Make it short and make it count.
The Pitching Process
The process of pitching and how that leads to closing the deal.
The Pitch Sheet
The one page pitch sheet that you will send to interested parties.
The Elevator Pitch
How to get your verbal pitched honed to perfection and succinct enough to get your foot in the door.