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Getting Star Power

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Contributed By Glen Berry

  1. Name Talent Paves the Way.
  2. A Casting Director is Invaluable
  3. A Stellar Script is a Necessity.

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  • Name talent gives the project the credibility it needs to gather other attachments.
  • Hiring a reputable casting director will bring the talent to your project if you can pay them. This is not a hill you have to climb yourself.
  • An actor with an internationally recognized name will fetch a high price. If you have an excellent script, they might be willing to work for a pittance.
A sample contract with an actor.
The Business Plan
Building your strategic plan into a form that makes sense to you and will guide you through the production. Taking the plan for your movie and putting it into concrete form.
Business Plan Examples
A critical review of three actual business plans.
Find the Bottom Line
Create the framework around which your project will be build based on the bottom line number for your budget. Market research and current market conditions will determine what you can and cannot do.
Getting Star Power
How to find and work with name talent.
LLC and Operating Agreement
How to create a structure to share ownership of the project with investors, establish voting rights and the authority of the producer and protect the investors from personal liability.