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Media Kits and Marketing Materials

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Contributed By Glen Berry

  1. Media Kits are Essential
  2. Control the Message
  3. Obtain Production Stills
  4. Key Art Provides Credibility

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  • You will need to communicate your idea to the world in a way that they will understand. Know the conventions of the media kit.
  • How your concept is presented to the world is an important part of the creative process. Don't hand over this responsibility in the most critical phase of your project.
  • Your marketing efforts will be crippled without high resolution production stills. Remember to bring a photographer onto your set for at least one day to get good still photos.
  • Amateur key art will repel viewers from your project - they will judge it based on a glance. Money spent on a talented and experienced artist will yield results tenfold in value.
Introduction to Distribution
The importance of distribution, the cyclical nature of development and distribution and why the producer should develop a strategic plan and be ready to pitch the next project.
Media Kits and Marketing Materials
Why the moviemaker should care about marketing, the presentation of the movie to the world as an extension of the creative process as well as the contents of the media kit.
Film Festivals and Screenings
The importance of film festivals and how to leverage value from the experience.
Internet Marketing and Social Networking
How the moviemaker can utilize the internet to get their movie out there and create a fan base for their work.